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Because of the concern among the staff and administration regarding the safety of students and players, the following guidelines have been set up for conduct in the gym during school sponsored events:

  • When games and other activities are in progress, all elementary students and pre-schoolers are to be seated in the bleachers or with their parents.
  • Students and pre-schoolers will not be allowed to leave the gym when games or other activities are in progress unless approved by Administrator on duty.
  • The concession stand will remain open while basketball games are in progress, but leaving the gym is only allowed during a game stoppage, such as a timeout or the end of a quarter.
  • K-12 students will not be allowed to leave the building (go outside) unless accompanied by an adult or if they have permission from administrator on duty, unless they are leaving the activity and do not plan to return
  • Elementary students and pre-schoolers will not be allowed to play in the lobby or otherwise occupy this area while activities are in progress
  • One verbal reminder will be given to students, and if behavior continues, request assistance from on duty Administrator. We ask the cooperation of all parents and students in helping us to implement and observe these guidelines for student behavior.  With this cooperation, we can all experience a more enjoyable evening and, at the same time, collectively take responsibility for teaching our children appropriate standards of behavior at such activities.