• Different Ways to help: 

    Donate Online

    The Redfield School Foundation accepts credit card donations online through PayPal,
    a safe and secure transaction.  


    Donate by Mail

    To make a gift of cash, you may simply mail a check to the Redfield School Foundation at the following address:

    Redfield School Foundation
    P.O. Box 560
    Redfield, SD 57469


    Memorial Gifts

    Many people choose to honor the memory of a loved one or friend through a gift to the Foundation. Some families have requested memorial gifts to the Foundation in lieu of flowers.

    Giving Through Your Estate Plan

    Another way to support the Redfield School Foundation is to include it in your estate plan. The Foundation was established with a life insurance death benefit received by the Redfield Public School after a graduate named the school as a beneficiary. 

    Your contribution to the Redfield School Foundation can make a significant difference for the future of Redfield’s young people. The Foundation can accept gifts of cash or securities. Gifts to the Redfield School Foundation are tax deductible.

    In making any gift out of one’s estate, always consult your attorney, financial planner, or other professional advisor.

                                                       i.      Wills/trusts. Interested donors may include a bequest to the Foundation in their will or trust. Bequests can be for a specific dollar amount or specific property or for a percentage of the estate.

                                                     ii.      Insurance policies. Life insurance is an effective tool for making a gift. Donors may name the Foundation as a beneficiary of their death benefit or donate a policy to the Foundation. In the case of insurance policies, gifts must be made using the forms and procedures established by the insurance company.

                                                    iii.      Retirement plans. Additionally, donors may designate the Foundation as a beneficiary of their retirement plan, such as an IRA or 401k plan. Gifts must be made using the forms and procedures established by the retirement plan administrator.

                                                  iv.      Charitable trusts. In a charitable trust, a donor puts assets into a trust. The trusts earnings may be paid directly to a charity—this is known as a charitable lead trust—until the term of the trust ends, at which time the donor’s beneficiaries receive the remainder of the trust. In a charitable remainder trust, earnings are paid to the donor’s beneficiary until the trust terminates, at which time the charity receives the remainder of the trust. In either case, the beneficiary may be the donor or another designated party.

                                                    v.      Gifts of securities. The Redfield School Foundation is prepared to accept gifts of securities, including stocks, bonds, and mutual fund shares. Securities that have appreciated in value make excellent assets for gifts. The charitable tax deduction is based on the value of the securities at the time of the gift, not at the time of original purchase. In addition, by giving the asset to charity, capital gains taxes may be avoided.

                                                  vi.      Real estate and other property. The Redfield School Foundation may accept gifts of homes, land, or other real or personal property, which will be liquidated upon receipt. Before making a gift of property, contact the Foundation to ensure that proper procedures can be initiated.