About the Foundation



    The Redfield School Foundation was created in 2003 to support Redfield Public Schools and to offer alumni, parents, and others a means to contribute to the school's success. The foundation offers two methods of assistance for the school:

    ·       A grant making program open to school staff who wish to improve their offerings
    through professional development, equipment, or other resources.

    ·       A mechanism to raise funds for specific current capital needs of the school
    that cannot be funded through the school budget.


    The Redfield School Foundation was created after the school received an unexpected life insurance death benefit payment. Arlene Haug, a Redfield graduate, had named the school as the beneficiary of her policy. When she passed away and the school received the payment, the School Board chose to use the approximately $100,000 death benefit as seed money to launch the Foundation. A group of interested alumni, staff, and parents organized the Foundation in 2003


    The Redfield School Foundation has established the following priorities to guide its grant making and fundraising operations:

    • To provide a sound education to all students, offering a strong broad-based curriculum and wide-ranging extracurricular opportunities.
    • To attract and retain dedicated staff members and to enhance their skills through professional development opportunities.
    • To promote strong relationships with the community and increase involvement of parents in their children’s education.
    • To maintain facilities that are clean, safe and up-to-date.

    The Board of Directors shall have responsibility for developing and implementing fundraising strategies to support the Foundation's activities. Fundraising may have one of the two purposes:
    (1)  To grow the Foundation’s fund

    (2) To fund the specific needs of the school



    The Redfield School Foundation is an independent, tax-exempt nonprofit organization established for the purpose of supporting the school. It is governed by a board of directors, which includes two members of the Redfield School Board but makes decisions independent of the School Board. The governing structure guarantees both independence and cooperation.

    Board of Directors

    Adam Hansen


    Ted William

    Vice President

    Angela Rice


    Shad Storley

    Executive Secretary

    Paul Gillette


    Pat Gallagher


    Fran Esser

     School Board Member

     Tom Lambert  School Board Member

    Theresa Hodges


    Dana Lewis


    Kevin Hansen


    Martia Thelen


     Heidi Appel