• For more information AND to register for the exam, go to the link below:



    **Seniors, if you have not yet taken the ACT exam you should register for the September, October and/or December test dates.  You will find that most schools prefer that you do not take the ACT beyond December unless absolutely necessary.


    **Juniors - You should be looking to take either the April or June exam; it is recommended that you get through as much of your junior year coursework as possible before taking the exam.  That way, if you need to take the exam again, you can look to take the September, October and/or December tests for your senior year.




    Test Date Regular Registration Deadline
    Late Fee Applies After This Date
    Late Registration Deadline Photo Upload and Standby Deadline
    September 14, 2024 August 9 August 25 September 6
    October 26, 2024 September 20 October 7 October 18
    December 14, 2024 November 8 November 22 December 6
    February 8, 2025 January 3 January 20 January 31
    April 5, 2025 February 28 March 16 March 28
    June 14, 2025 May 9 May 26 June 6
    July 12, 2025* June 6 June 20 July 4