• Terrence Kenny
    6-12 Director of Bands
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    Hello all band parents and students. I have all important information and dates posted on my site. If you ever have a question, please feel free to contact me by e-mail at terrence.kenny@k12.sd.us or by calling the school! 
  • 6th Grade Band

    6th grade band parents. All information for your students will be posted below. Practice is key for beginning band students! I can not stress this enough. Make sure your student is practicing at least 90 minutes a week. I do check practice logs on each Wednesday to make sure they have logged at least 90 minutes of practice time. Along with the practice, please sign at the end of each week to show that they have actually accomplished their practice. Student's lose all of their practice log points if they don't get a parent signature to show their 90 minutes of practice. I will make contact with parents if students are struggling to come to lessons or fulfill their practice time. 


    We have been working hard out of the beginning of our books. The kids have been working on building good sound quality, playing together and listening to one another. They are sounding great. The 6th grade band will have their first performance on our Christmas Concert, December 17th. Please continue to encourage practice at home and maybe have them play through some of their concert music for you at home as well :)

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  • Middle School Band

    Middle School band parents. All information regarding middle school band will be posted below.

    Middle School band students have required lessons during school hours and they last roughly 20 minutes each. I encourage you to talk to your student and ask them how their lessons are going. Students are graded based on a few factors, the biggest being how prepared they are for their lessons. Students should be aiming for at least 1 hour of practice per week to be prepared for each lesson. Encourage and push your student to bring their instrument home and to practice. The success of our band depends on individual practice as much as group rehearsals. Students do have make-up opportunities for lessons they miss, but parents will be contacted if lessons are continuesly being missed. I'm excited to see what we can accomplish this year!



    In band right now, we are working on our music for the upcoming Winter Concert. The concert is December 17th. Some students are also working on Middle School All State Band Auditions and will be recording those with me towards the end of Novemnber.

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  • High School Band

    High School band information will be posted below. 

    Please make sure you student is aware of all upcoming dates by using the music calendar that is linked on my website. A hefty amount of points are given based on attendance at pep band performances and it will hurt their grade if they are not in attendance. Important dates to be aware of will be posted below.  



    This year is an excited year. We will be attending Chicago for a band trip from June 3rd-7th. The band will have a performing opportunity and will also be enjoying various activies in the Chicago area. Our Winter Concert is coming up and the date for that is December 17th. All State students are preparing audition material. That audition will be at the end of January.

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