• Mrs. Tristen Lechner

     Middle School Math Teacher
    Assistant Volleyball Coach 
    Email: tristen.lechner@k12.sd.us 
    Phone: 472-4520 Ext. 1023

    Facebook Page: Mrs. Lechner's Math Classes 2018-2019

     Grading Scale for 7th Grade Math and Pre-Algebra:

    A                        90%-100%

    B                           80%-89%

    C                           70%-79%

    D                           60%-69%

    F                            0%-59%

     To access each class, please click on your class and it will take you to my weekly lesson plans, I also will attach any notes or special reminders on this link as well! 

    Mrs. Lechner's Class Schedule: 

    Hour Time Class
    1st Hour 8:20-9:10 Prep
    2nd Hour 9:13-10:03  Pre-Algebra
    3rd Hour 10:06-10:56 Pre-Algebra
    4th Hour 10:59-11:49 7th Grade Math
    5th Hour




    8th Homeroom

    6th Hour 12:50-1:40 8th Grade FLEX
    7th Hour 1:43-2:33 7th Grade Math
    8th Hour 2:36-3:26 Pre-Algebra
Mrs. Lechner